Daddy Loves Toast

(Ryoma loves Both)

daddy loves toast, whot.
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co-written by arghyblargh and storyteller
storyteller does the graphics and arghyblargh does the handwriting.

yes, the tenimyus are fair game for us too. occasionally.

we only have a few rules here, so please bear with us.

1. this is a closed community. only the authors have posting access. so please don't send either of us an email saying "zomg i can not post anything to the community!!!11111one!"

2. all the entries are locked. if you want to see them, join the community here. you can join the community or friend it to monitor entries. it just seems easier. just note that some entries have, er, adult humor?

3. we appreciate feedback! feel free to comment on any of the entries! if you have any other questions, contact us at daddylovestoast@gmail.com

4. no hotlinking, please. every time you hotlink to our images, fuji eats a kitten. ^_^

all characters are (unfortunately) either the property of konomi-sensei or themselves.

community graphic made with a photo from tenimyuenorondo
layout made using codes provided by faceon
"daddy loves toast" belongs to the early morning ramblings of storyteller and her dear friend, john jay thurston.
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